Part 90 FCC License Fees

Spectrum Services Fee Schedule : COMMERCIAL USERS
Frequency Coordinations Services Fee Notes
FX0 Only System - per frequency, per site $50.00
VHF Single Channel per site $175.00
VHF Channel Pair per site $200.00
Mobile Only (MO) $100.00 For up to 5 frequencies, each additional is $25.00
VHF Trunked Channel Pair per site $250.00 Includes service contour analysis
UHF Channel Pair  $175.00
UHF Trunked Channel Pair $250.00 Includes service contour analysis
470-512 Mhz Channel Pair per site $175.00
470-512 Mhz Trunked Channel Pair per site $250.00
Minor Modifications $50.00
FCC Form 601 preparation $65.00
Frequency Searches per site $65.00
License Renewal FREE Free for Customers who purchase systems equipment. FCC Fees are additional
Common FCC Fees    
PALM $60.00 Application Fee (All Applications, modifications, Transfers)
PALR $150.00 New Applications below 470Mhz
PALS $400.00 New Applications above 470Mhz
Rule Waiver $180.00 Any Rule Waivers, late filings  and renewals


Eligibles filing as Governmental Entities are exempt from fees. There is no fee for applications filed for purposes of Amendment to a Pending Application (unless adding call signs/lease ids, adding waivers, or changing Exemption for the Fee(s) to ‘No’), Administrative Update to a License/Lease/Sublease, a Request for Withdrawal of a Pending Application, Request to Cancel a License/Lease/Sublease, Notification of Consummation (unless requesting a Rule Waiver for § 1.948[d]), Request for Extension of Time for Consummation (unless requesting a Rule Waiver for § 1.948[d]), Spectrum Manager Lease Notifications (except for purpose of Modification), Private Commons Arrangements, Notification of Construction/Coverage Requirements, and Registered Locations for the Intelligent Transportation Service and 3650 – 3700 MHz Band.

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