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Limited Winter Access to Mt Elden

Mount Elden Users,

In response to several phone calls regarding access to Mount Elden.

The logging contractor has plowed the road. However, the plow effort terminates at the ‘Y’ towards the Elden side and at Turkey Park (Between TV-Hill and Devils Head). Currently, to access the communication sites you must drive to the top and walk in or dry run your snowcat from the bottom. I have informed the Forest Service to have their contractor plow the entire road (see below):

“I traveled to Mount Elden today to find that the road crew only plowed the road to the ‘Y’, towards Elden, and to Turkey Park, towards Devils Head. Out of common courtesy and in accordance to the road maintenance agreement please plow the entire road or do not plow it at all. Do these guys really expect everyone else to haul their snowcats to the top for travel to/from the ‘Y’; if so, please expect trucks and trailers to be parked in the road for the duration.”

To date I have not received any further information regarding logging and helicopter transport.

If you have any comments, please respond.

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