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Our Aims and Goals

Niles Radio Communications strives to provide the most cost effective and reliable wireless communication products and services available. We aim to help you meet your wireless two-way radio communications needs while providing you with the greatest value.

Niles Radio Communications' experienced team of radio engineers, consultants and  technicians always take the time to do things right. We do this by planning the entire development process from system design through installation, customer training and service. This enables us to better coordinate each job while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Past
Niles Radio Communications, founded in 1951 by Clayton Niles and Sam Goddard ( Who went on to be elected Arizona's 12th Governor ) after their service as Radio Technicians in the military, as a Radio Common Carrier and Radio Service Center, is Arizona's oldest Radio Communications company. The Flagstaff location was opened in 1954 along with General Communications, a Common Carrier (Mobile Phones in 1954!) and Niles Radio Company. Niles Radio was purchased by the Cullen Family, in 1971, and continues to operate from the same facilities opened in 1954. Niles Radio Communications has evolved and prospered through many changes in the wireless communications industry by constantly adapting to meet the needs of its customers. From the basic two-way radios of the 1950's to the complex microprocessor based systems of today, we have been providing total customer satisfaction for over 64 years!

Our Present

We provide a complete selection of quality wireless communication products including Microwave and Fiber Optic systems by Cambium, Cielo and Alcatel, Digital Radio Systems by Motorola, Two Way Radios by Harris, Motorola, ICOM, Kenwood, E.F. Johnson and many others accessories, on-site paging, Wireless Internet Access, SCADA control systems and more. We are an authorized Service Center for almost every brand of communications equipment, and perform warranty repair service and complete system installations.

Your Future

Our experienced team will provide you with a highly competitive wireless communication solutions through the application of innovative and proven advanced technologies to support your goals. We provide a thorough analysis of your needs and goals, then prepare a crisp clear specification aimed at cost-effective fulfillment. While evaluating your complete and comprehensive scenario, we identify and focus high-intensity solutions on specific areas of need as part of a well-structured plan to meet those needs.

The Result?
Clear and Concise Team Communications!

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