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Niles Radio Communications has the Largest All Digital Radio Networks in Northern Arizona, and is part of the Largest Radio Network in the Southwest, featuring Radios by Motorola®!

Advantage MAX
Our Advantage Max Service provides Motorola® Capacity MAX Digital Coverage across all of Northern Arizona, with GPS and AVL Solutions, WAVE® Access for your Portable Cellular Devices and Integrated Console Solutions.

Advantage PLUS
Our Advantage Plus Service provides Motorola® Connect Plus Digital Two-Way Radio Coverage over all of Arizona, Southern and Central California.

Advantage Partner
Our Advantage Partner Service provides Coverage inside your hardest to cover facilities, and connected to our Advantage Max Network, and adds Indoor Location, Dispatch and Applications.

You don’t need an FCC license, high-powered transmitters and radio towers to gain the benefits of Niles Radio Advantage MotoTrbo Radio. You can buy monthly airtime service on our regional radio network and on many others, all operated by Motorola Advantage Partners across North America.
Rates and Service Offerings

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