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It's All About the Solution

We Put Your Needs First

Dish Antenna


Niles Radio Communications installs Radio Communications. 150' Up a Tower, on your Business Rooftop, In your Police Cruiser or In your Home, If you are in need of our systems installation services you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Niles Radio Communications is an Arizona  Registered Contractor.

Network Hub and Cable


Niles Radio Communications is Networking. All of Niles Radio Communications Radio Sites are Networked with Fiber Optic and Microwave Connections and Interconnections. If you need Data, if your Systems need Data, if your systems need to be connected, let Niles Radio Network do the Networking For You!

Communication Tower


Niles Radio Communications is Service and Support. We provide Service Contracts that assure you 24X7 Communications. There is no need to worry about weekend and middle of the night service outages with Niles Radio Communications Service and Support.

Mobile Phone


Digital Radio Communications.... Niles Radio has the Largest All Digital Radio Network in Arizona, supported with Motorola MotoTrbo Radios. Advantage PLUS with Regional Southwest Communications, and Advantage MAX with Northern Arizona Coverage and Integrated GPS, AVL, Dispatch and WAVE Cellular and Tablet Integration.

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