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Maintenance / Service Agreements

Keep the Gears Greased and the Wheels Turning with Maintenance and Service Agreements to the repairs and service your radios and communications equipment need.

Annual agreements offer a flat monthly rate, covering parts and labor required to repair, maintain, and align radios back to the manufacturer's original specifications.

What are the Advantages of a Service Agreement?

  • Monthly budget for repairs - Minimizes unexpected repair bills

  • Scheduling your preventative maintenance

  • Limiting your system and unit down time

  • Priority service - Go to the Front of the Line!

  • Extends the life of your equipment

  • Manage and Track your radio inventory

What can we Include in a Maintenance / Service Agreement?

  • All of the Radios that make up your System ( Listed per Contract )

  • Serviceable and Internal components of Radio/Communications equipment

  • Emergency Lighting Systems and Sirens

  • Parts & Labor required to Service and Repair

  • Annual Systems preventative maintenance checks

  • Pick-up & Delivery - We provide you a regular scheduled route day...

  • 24X7 Systems Service - Guaranteed Up time Option

  • Spare Equipment - Hot Standby Equipment

  • NOC Service - We watch out for you, 24X7.

Call 1-800-336-4621 for more information or email at

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